Pesky exams

Since Christmas Day I’ve been busy correcting exams, but I just finished today yipee! I like to get them out of the way early so I can get back to the snow-world for a few more days before college starts up again…

Most academics hate correcting exams more than anything, but I don’t really mind that much – it always takes less time than expected (unlike research) and I like any job that has a definite beginning, middle and end (with room for targets, breaks and treats along the way). I also learnt years ago that it’s easier to stay focused if I correct exams script by script. Some lecturers dislike this method and claim it makes more sense to mark in parallel – i.e. correct all the first questions, then all the second the questions etc. I have never adopted this method as I’m terrified of making a mistake when the marks are totted up at the end. I feel there’s much less chance of this happening if one goes through the script question by question, as you get a feel for how a particular student is getting on…

Anyway, I finished at midday today and celebrated by going shopping. First thing I saw was a good skisuit for €99 and snapped it up (I used to be so proud of my ski instructor jacket, but have finally tired of being slagged over my gimpy outfit!). So it’s not all work and no play. Oh no. How’s this for cool – I’m off on Wednesday to some posh hotel in Montreux (Swiss riviera) to join friends from the Frankfurt Ski Club for their annual New Year’s Ball – after which we’re all staying over for a few days’ skiing in the nearby resort. Yipee.

Lake Geneva in winter- Viola Stockinger

And yes, I’m flying into Zurich again (see post below), more gorgeous train journeys through the snow..

That said, I do feel a bit guilty about all this flying, the main reason I hope one day to convert from being a good skier to a good surfer (a sport I can do at home). Unlike Lubos Motl, I don’t have the excuse of being a global warming skeptic – I find it hard to believe that the majority of the world’s climate scientists are fools or knaves. So sorry about those polar bears…


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7 responses to “Pesky exams

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  2. James

    Your latest picture offering didn’t show up on my browser (Opera, so probably some silly technical thing) but the one from your previous post certainly did – and it was amazing! Is it the general thinness of the air, or lack of water or pollutants, that produces that “chocolate box” effect with the shops and cafes perfectly clear in the near field, and the view of the distant mountains clear at the same time?

    Perhpaps there is a technical atmospheric/optical physics explanation – or else you just have a fancy camera :-)

  3. cormac

    Ahem. It’s not my pic James, I lifted it from the tourist office. Actually, I think you’re right about the air purity – I’ve noticed this effect in snow pics before..

  4. James

    Nicked it – typical Irish ;-)

  5. cormac

    My posted pics keep disappearing – could it be a copyright issue do you think James?

  6. James

    International photographic espionage law is not my area of expertise.

    I shouldn’t really say very much, but that cafe on the left of the photograph has long been under surveillance after that incidicent with the skiing dolphin.

    Tread (or ski) carefully…

  7. cormac

    Skiing dolphin?
    Dolphins are natural surfers, wouldn’t be caught dead on a pair of skis.
    Snowboards maybe – but they don’t need one, the’re the world’s best body surfers…