Mid-term in Tirol

Now that the Covid threat appears to be receding, I took advantage of the mid-term break to take my first ski trip in quite a few years. I grabbed the last seat on a cheap ‘n cheerful package holiday to Niederau, a small village in Tirol.

It’s been an excellent week, plenty of snow and good weather, yet not too many people on the slopes. Niederau is a pretty small resort anyway, but I suspect the ski season is pretty quiet this year because of travel hesistancy due to Covid.

I’ve been in Niederau once before and it’s just as I remember it. Lots of nice runs, not too many people; lovely old fashioned hotel with a swimming pool that seems to be open 24 hours.

I learnt to ski as a child, so I do a few hours work in the mornings while others are at ski school, and head out to the slopes in the afternoon. Hard to beat as a holiday!

Had this run to myself all day, found it hard to leave


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2 responses to “Mid-term in Tirol

  1. I remember Niederau, it was the location of my first skiing holiday back in 1978. It was as a result of meeting the SCGB Rep there, that I joined the Ski Club and went on many of their holidays.