First impressions of Cambridge

And there I was moaning at having to leave the surf for a conference at Cambridge

In fact, Cambridge is fabulous, a lovely town. Having arrived by coach from Stansted, I decided to walk to the college (St Edmund’s) from the town centre. Most impressed to see all those famous colleges right in the centre – St John’s, Jesus, Magdalane, Trinity etc. The colleges give the town a lovely student atmosphere, great buzz and bicycles everywhere. I like the contrast between the beautiful ancient college buildings and the modern shops on the high street too, quite nice. It’s not at all a stuffy town either, tons of foreigners and tourists about.

St Edmund’s is obviously one of the newer colleges, but very nice. One big difference with Trinity College Dublin is that the rooms are lovely modern rooms, not 400 years old!

We’ve just had dinner -I’d love an afterdinner walk, but I’d better get swotting for Peter Harrison’s talk on religion and the rise of science tomorrow morning..

St John’s College


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4 responses to “First impressions of Cambridge

  1. Wall-to-wall conferences for the whole summer … makes me wonder if you guys ever do any work. Glad you like Cambridge. I was at Trinity N years ago, where N is large and positive, but still retain some privileges, like being able to book punts, guest rooms and to use the library, which is huge and pleasantly un-crowded in the summer (I seem to be coming to Cambridge about once a week to work, which is programming, using my laptop) … this conference seems to be keeping you pretty busy, but if you can spare the time, I can show you round town if you want. Or a beer at “The Eagle” (or wherever).

  2. cormac

    Any work? What dya call this? You think I enjoyed leaving Inch Strand to sit through seminars in midland England? Hah

    Seriously, it’d be great to meet up if you’re around.First, I have a number of questions concerning Dad’s work I like to put to former scholars, helps fill in the picture..secondly, it’d be great to have someone show me the maths/physics sites…can you gt me into DAMPF? wow…

  3. Hi Cormac,

    DAMTP has moved to a modern buildings since my time (it used to be in a nasty hovel on the corner of Silver St) but the shabby new or old buildings would certainly be a disappointment. The colleges are where it is at, really, including St. John’s, where Dirac spent most of his life. Funny that although you could not imagine it now, in the first half of the last century, Cambridge was the foremost place for physics in the world.

    Happy to talk about Lochlainn, though my experience was somewhat limited. I am currently car-less – something that should soon be remedied today – but we could meet up towards the end of the week if it suits you.



  4. dis school ugly ass a bitch i hate dis shit