Global warming and my car

I finally got the report on my car from the garage a few days ago.

It needs, ah, a new engine, the guy said apologetically.

I was too shocked to say anything at first – of course, I had known there ws something up with the car for some time – the temperature needle kept jumping up from time to time, and she needed water every week or so. ‘Sounds like a head gasket’, my mechanic opined wisely some time ago.

I never got round to leaving the car in, partly because I was busy and he was busy. Now it appears I sailed blithely past some sort of tipping point and the damn thing needs a whole new engine. So do I spend a couple of grand on an engine for an 03 car? Or do I just move on?

Does this remind you of anything? At least I can buy a new car…you can’t buy a new planet

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