A few old posts II

Got the job! Not a new full-time job you understand (I like my job here at Waterford Institute of Technology – especially as I get to teach introductory courses in cosmology and particle physics!). Nope, this is a monthly gig. I am now the host of RAW, a new series of science debates for the public that will take place once a month at the new Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

They rang me back an hour after the interview. The good news is you got the job.The bad news is the first debate is next week. NEXT WEEK? How Irish is that? In fairness, they seem to have a panel already organised, they just need someone to host it.I had a good talk with the gallery director in the afternoon, and we hit on a strategy. We’re going to get each panellist to give a brief 5 minute overview, then throw the discussion open to the audience. It’s a good big auditorium, with a nice cafe for discussions afterwards.

Next week’s topic is “Is the Biofuel Dream Dead?” Should be interesting as they have Keith Smith on the panel, one of the authors of THAT study, the one that claims land clearing for biofuels releases more carbon emissions than oil!

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